Supermicro P8SCT E7221 Bulk 800 GIG DDR2 4SATA PCI-X IPMI 2.0 Dual Gig LAN Motherboard, Bulk pack, motherboard only.

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1. Intel® Pentium® 4 LGA775 Package
800MHz FSB, Celeron® 533MHz FSB
2. Intel® E7221 (Copper River) Chipset &
integrated server-quality onboard video
3. Up to 4GB DDR2 400/533MHz
unbuffered ECC/non-ECC SDRAM
4. Dual Broadcom BCM5721 Gigabit LAN
5. Built-in SATA Controller
4x SATA Drive Support
6. 1x 64-bit 133MHz PCI-X
5x 32-bit 33MHz PCI
7. Support for IPMI 2€

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